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We will create a computer generated photometric layout for your project. Email or mail your site plan, and we will design a layout using the minimal number of poles and fixtures to meet your lighting needs.


Free plans for both conceptual and final design.


The 3-D modeling aspect of our photometric analysis software allows us to literally move around these objects from any angle, height, or perspective to see where best to locate a ceiling light, lamp, recessed fixture, picture lighting, pendant, or chandelier.  We can also experiment with different wattages and lamp types to determine the most efficient lumens per watt ratio once the optimal angles have been located.  In commercial environments, this goes a long way toward saving businesses a great deal of money.  In much the same way as interior decorators and furniture planning specialists develop a room by room space management plan, our analysis software can produce a room by room photometric report of floor space and vertical cube space to determine precisely where to install lighting equipment and exactly how much power each light will need to do its job.  The result of all of this is a much more energy conscious, Spartan system that relies much more on design, light distribution, and precise lighting angles than it does on excessive numbers of fixtures using more power than necessary.  This in turn results in the secondary benefit of improved fixture concealment.  Because these reports tell us exactly how many watts and lumens we need for each fixture, it is often possible to use smaller, more concealable lights for a more aesthetic compliment to the overall environment.

photometric2Because we supply luminaires from so many different US manufacturers, we use our photometric analysis software to help determine which engineering design, model, and brand will best fit a particular client’s interests.  What might be the best fixture to install in a small, stand alone office building may not be the best choice for a multi-story building, home electrical remodel or commercial business park.   Every manufacturer offers proprietary and highly specialized fixture designs and energy efficiency safeguards, and lamp life varies as well between the various proprietary designs.

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