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A lighting conversion can save your company about 75% on its energy bill. This technology is an earth-friendly, green, sustainable choice that uses less energy than other lighting alternatives and contains no hazardous materials.

See the savings for your situation with a Logic Illumination customized investment and energy analysis. The analysis provides your current vs. proposed cost comparison, your payback timeframe and the return on your investment so you can see the impact on your business.

Let our expert team put together a complete analysis to provide the information to help you make the right business decision. Your analysis will include:

  • Energy consumption data based on your energy bills
  • Product cost and useful product life
  • HVAC use and savings reductions
  • Maintenance savings
  • ROI and payback analysis

Contact Logic Illumination today for your customized analysis.

Turn your lighting investment into an immediate revenue stream. Ask the Logic Illumination team to show you how a lighting migration plan can generate profits for your company.

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