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Today’s designers, architects and landscape experts demand innovative lighting designs to integrate into their plans. Outdoor lighting must complement and enhance its surroundings. We combine robust good looks with effective photometrics for every specialized municipal and utility lighting project.

Our wide variety of models makes it easy for planners, like yourself, to select the ideal system you need. And whether your design calls for a futuristic flair, contemporary accent or vintage look that requires an authentic style, we’ll help you find the exact lighting solution you need. All of our municipal and utility lighting systems are attractive, remarkably functional and meet the required specifications.

A decorative bridge. A main street. A historic town. Our expert engineers are familiar with all the subtleties involved in lighting of this kind and will intimately work with you to assist you with your needs and requirements.

Lighting generally serves to enhance visibility. But during the past few years, we’ve seen more and more utility companies interested in alternative lighting to beautify the surroundings while providing adequate visibility.

Our extensive experience with utility companies has given us the knowledge needed to work within specified parameters while introducing new lighting systems that are both beautiful and functional. We’re ready to work with your project managers to create a lighting solution that meets your specific objectives.

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