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Logic Illumination, which is known for their LED retrofit program, has now launched innovative and stylish LED condo lighting. We understands that using the right kind of lighting in your residential building can change the way the building looks and this is why they have come up with these cost effective yet stylish condo lights that can bring down condo association electricity bill.

hoa lighting poleAt Logic Illumination program, you have the option to option for led retrofit so that you can replace your existing lights with the new LED lights that are perfect for condo or HOA Bulding lighting and can make it look magnificent. But the best advantage of using the Led lighting is that they are cost effective and help you cut down on your electricity bill.

When it comes to installing new lights in your condo or community, opt for Led retrofit provided by Logic Illumination as they come at no extra cost. Under their program, you do not have to pay any installation charges and still get the Led retrofit for your condos. At the same time, the LED lights uses less energy and therefore you are able to cut down your electricity bills.

The LED lighting from Logic Illumination is also considered as cost effective because they are durable and enjoy long life. They do not break that easily and do not emit carbon, which is otherwise harmful for the environment. Another reason for opting for the Led lights for condos is that these lights do not emit heat and therefore you can stop worrying about high AC bills.

If you are worried about the installation charges then you can relax. At Logic Illumination you can pay back from the savings you make on the electricity bills.

The LED retrofits installed by Logic Illumination can come along with dimmers. This gives you the option to control the lights and brighten them or dim them as per your choice. The LED condo Building lighting are recommended by the U.S Department of Energy also as they are environment friendly and are energy effient.


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