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Commercial Lighting Maintenance Company Kissimmee Orlando FloridaLogic Illumination believes that lighting maintenance is more than replacing a burned-out bulb. Our maintenance services team takes a complete look at your needs, including materials and labor. As a result, we can save you money by minimizing return trips as well as getting (and keeping) your facilities up and running efficiently. We serve commercial, retail, industrial and government sectors with lighting assessments, LED upgrades.

Lighting maintenance differs from lighting repair in the following way: Lighting maintenance is scheduled in advance and it is done at regular intervals. An agreement between the client and our company would authorize us to maintain the agreed upon area(s) at predetermined intervals. These agreements are usually monthly or quarterly. This way you can always have a well-lit facility and frees you to focus your time on running your business, not having to worry about which fixtures are out and calling us to schedule a service call.

Beside the all the advantages of keeping a well-lit facility, timely maintenance is important because it saves you money in the long term. It prevents small problems from becoming bigger ones, as well as creating other possible safety issues. Keep in mind, even though a fixture may be compromised and not emitting light, electrical current is still running to it. This causes undue strain on the lamp socket and the fixture’s internal ballast. Not changing the lamp in a timely fashion can cause premature ballast failure and sockets which can literally fuse with the lamp bases. Replacement under these circumstances requires more labor and higher material expenses. Service Areas, Kissimmee, Orlando, Osceola, Orange County, Central Florida Areas.

Maintenance Agreements

If you seek a maintenance agreement for your lighting, we can easily provide you one. Typically, our agreements spell out types of services provided, the cost of services, material costs and payment terms. We also offer ongoing survey agreements for property surveys on an ongoing schedule. After each survey, you will be emailed our report, which outlines any lighting problems and the costs related to fixing them. You will have the opportunity to give us approval to proceed. Costs associated with drive-by surveys depend on the size and number of locations being surveyed.

Our express service area are: Kissimmee, Orlando, Central Florida. For quote please fill our Information Request Form.


  • Office, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Parking Lots & Parking Garages
  • Auto Centers/Car Dealers
  • Exterior Lighting for Healthcare, Shopping Centers & Malls
  • Educational Facilities, Sports Parks and Stadiums, Municipal Recreation Facilities
  • Lighting for Houses of Worship
  • Petroleum Stations & Convenience Stores
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Street Lighting Maintenance


Parking Lot Maintenance

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Our Street Lighting Crews furnish all labor, materials, equipment and supervision for the maintenance of street lighting systems in our service area.   Good exterior parking lot lighting should also be high on any company’s priority list. A well lit parking lot, one without dark spots, makes for a good image.

Lighting Upgrade


Lifting Services

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Our lighting upgrade process includes an audit, a review, an optional proposal "Photometry Studies", a project justification, implementation, and simple or long term follow-up programs.   We install and store all types of decorative lighting and banners. Decorative banners must be installed within design standards or it can be a liability to the property owner or community.

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